Network segmentation

Computers are added to groups which is configured with the settings for Network boot address (tftpserver), DNS servers, DNS domain name, etc. This allows for groups of machines on the same subnet to be dynamically configured with different settings for DNS, network boot, etc, so that machines requiring different network configuration can stay within the same VLAN and subnet.

Network booting

Network booting is accomplished utilizing boot images. A boot image is a zip file which contains the files to serve to a client, and a ".ockimage" file explaining the One Click Kick system how to use the contents of the image. By using boot images, a boot profile can be created. PXE Linux from the SYSLINUX project is used to start the boot images. Boot images make it easy to add new network boot functionality to One Click Kick.


Kickstart scripts is the "Kick" in the One Click Kick name. A kickstart script can be attached to a boot profile. A kickstart script contains the required information to install any Anaconda based operating system, (Red Hat, CentOS, Fedora, etc). As well as flavours of Debian, such as Ubuntu including kickseed in their network boot files.


It's very easy to integrate One Click Kick with almost any other PXE boot service. This is accomplised through the use of standard software, which is found in most Linux distributions, and they ability of One Click Kick to create group and subnet based configuration.
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